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What Is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

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In the era where technologies become obsolete, new innovations arise daily, and the world seeks new solutions, hydraulic power has remained constant since ancient times. 

A hydraulic cylinder, an essential part of the hydraulic system, plays a crucial role in various mechanical applications with its wide range of uses. Whether it’s agriculture, mining, forestry, or construction, manufacturing, automotive and other industries, the versatility, reliability and efficiency of hydraulic cylinders are universally recognized. 

A hydraulic cylinder

Cylinder barrel, piston, piston rod, and various seals are essential components of a hydraulic cylinder.

Cheetah's hydraulic cylinder - preview

Cheetah's hydraulic cylinder - preview

A hydraulic cylinder operates based on the Pascal’s Law principle; when pressure is applied to a confined, incompressible liquid, it gets evenly distributed throughout the fluid, in all directions. Pressurized hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic cylinder acts on the surface of the piston, where the force generated by the pressure is transmitted to the piston rod.

Types of hydraulic cylinders

Depending on the application, hydraulic cylinders have various types. However, the general categories are single-acting and double-acting cylinders.

Single-acting cylinders operate only in one direction, while relying on the external factors, like spring or gravity, to retract the piston to its original position. With its straightforward design, they are reliable and easy to maintain. Forklifts, hydraulic jacks, pumps and other tools that don’t require immediate retraction of piston use such cylinders.

While single-acting cylinders have only one oil access port, double-acting ones have two ports that allow them to extend and retract without the need for any external power sources. 

Double-acting cylinders are perfect for applications needing accuracy and power. Not only are they reliable and save energy, they also have smooth and precise motion control, excellently perform repetitive tasks, and handle heavy loads. No wonder they are used in excavators, lift shafts, steering mechanisms and more.

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Tie-rod and welded body cylinders are among other prevalent hydraulic cylinders. Tie-rod cylinders are held together by a set of steel rods that connect the two end caps of a cylinder. Such rods provide structural support, and, the bigger the cylinder is, the more rods are required.

Unlike tie-rod cylinders, welded cylinders are easily customizable. They are constructed by welding the end caps directly to the barrel, thus strengthening it, and, at the same time, making it compact and suitable for tight machinery spaces.

Many who rely on welded hydraulic cylinders have the need for customization, which often means a pricey solution, long lead times and paused operations. However, Cheetah Hydraulics allows for customization on a budget, and no lead times. You can choose your perfect small-bore, welded hydraulic cylinder out of over 2500 that are in our warehouse, ready-to ship. Customize bore size, stroke length, operating pressure and other elements according to your needs.

Cheetah Hydraulics Cylinder

Cheetah Hydraulics Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder longevity

Just like with vehicles, machinery, and other tools, regular checks are necessary to maintain the cylinder's health and durability.

For example, worn seals can lead to unwanted movement of the piston rod, among other issues. However, regularly inspecting and replacing seals can prevent both unwanted movements and unnecessary fluid leaks.

Proper lubrication with hydraulic grease extends the lifespan of vital components like pistons and seals. It reduces friction, ensures smooth movement and keeps the cylinder rust-free.

Contamination of hydraulic fluid is a risk that can be avoided by having proper filtration systems and doing regular fluid checks.

Taking all the advantages into account, like precision, power and reliability, they are indispensable in numerous industries. Whether lifting heavy loads in construction or allowing precise movements in manufacturing, hydraulic cylinders help to shape today's modern world.

Would you like personalized assistance in choosing the right cylinder for your needs? Our customer support team is here to help.


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